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UNPACK Co., Ltd.
For corporations who wish to work as foreign workers

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About registration support organization UNPACK Corporation

Corporate philosophy

Develop human resources who can enhance human power and contribute to independence and social contribution

We find our own value through career consulting and counseling, and sometimes develop human resources through vocational training.

Employment support for international students and foreign human resources Reemployment support We provide job change support and subsequent mental support.

We develop human resources who can contribute to Japanese society.



UNPACK Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company that supports activities for job hunting, reemployment and career change for foreigners in Japan (unemployed, incumbents, university students, vocational school students, Japanese language schools, etc.) And support the final employment.

Simply introducing a workplace does not provide real support. The keyword “individual motivation, workmanship, lifestyle design” will advise you what you need to do so.

To make up for lack of skills, anxiety and inadequate behavior, basic psychological counseling will provide detailed support, including your suitability and whether there is a mismatch with the company.

Our staff is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Myanmar, Nepalese and Vietnamese.


  • Polaris Language Center
  • Our Philippines business partner (Japanese language school)
  • #36 Avenida, Rizal West, Poblacion, Lingayen, Pangasinan
  • Web site=Parrots-kun

Target country

  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Nepal
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Mongolia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand

Business description

  • Application for procedures and support for specific skills support organizations (company that hires foreign human resources)
  • Comprehensive acceptance support for various foreign human resources
  • Consulting for host companies
  • Consulting for organizations with specific skills
  • Construction of foreign human resources management system
  • Japanese language education business for foreigners in Japan

Company Profile

Registration number 19登-001923
Company name
DaiaPalace Kashimada 4F #405,108-5,Shimohirama,Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-city,Kanagawa,Japan,212-0053
+8144-272-3193(Weekdays and Saturdays 9:00~17:00)
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  • Foreign workers / registration support organizations  Registration number 19登-001923
  • Industrial Organization Psychological Association
  • Member of Association for Behavior Analysis
  • Member of Multicultural Psychiatric Association