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Handling associated with the spread of new coronavirus infection

From the Ministry of Justice website

1 Those who have completed “Technical Training No.2”

If you are not ready to move to “Specific Skills No. 1” due to the effect of new coronavirus infection, you may apply for permission to change your status of residence to “Specific activities (4 months, working)”. I can do it.

2 Those who have been dismissed due to the influence of a new coronavirus infection while staying as “specific skill”

If you wish to work in a field other than the specific industry field where you were previously active, and if you need to pass the proficiency test, change your status of residence to “specific activity (up to 1 year, work allowed)” You can apply for a permit.

Posted: 6月 11th, 2020

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For international students who are planning to graduate in spring 2 in order to transfer to specific skills

From the Ministry of Justice website

〇 If an international student wishes to transfer to a specific skill after graduation, it is expected that applications for permission to change status of residence will be concentrated during the graduation period (January to March).

〇 Each regional immigration office / branch (excluding the airport bureau) has established a “dedicated contact for employment support for international students”, but from December 1, 1980 to March 31, 2 In the meantime, we will expand the relevant windows, accept consultations for the transition to specific skills, and check the application documents in advance, regardless of whether there is advance reservation.

You can also use it for consultations from companies that employ international students, and those who are involved in schools where international students are enrolled.

〇 The documents required for the application vary depending on the organization (employee) belonging to the specified skill. Therefore, based on the following list of documents to be submitted for permission to change the status of residence to the specified skill and confirmation table (for international students) Please prepare.