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Establishment of residence status “specific skills”

Handling associated with the spread of new coronavirus infection

1 Those who have completed “Technical Training No.2”

If you are not ready to move to “Specific Skills No. 1” due to the effect of new coronavirus infection, you may apply for permission to change your status of residence to “Specific activities (4 months, working)”. I can do it.

2 Those who have been dismissed due to the influence of a new coronavirus infection while staying as “specific skill”

If you wish to work in a field other than the specific industry field where you were previously active, and if you need to pass the proficiency test, change your status of residence to “specific activity (up to 1 year, work allowed)” You can apply for a permit.

From the Ministry of Justice website

What are specific skills (special skills for status of residence)?

Hotel Welding

Efforts to accept new foreign human resources and realize a symbiotic society

”On December 8, 2018, the “Amendment to Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act and the Ministry of Justice Establishment Act” was enacted at the 197th National Assembly (extraordinary session) and was promulgated on the 14th of the same month (Heisei 16 30 Year Law No. 102).

This revised law includes the establishment of residence status “Specific Skill No. 1” and “Specified Skill No. 2” and the establishment of the Immigration Control Office.”(From the Ministry of Justice website)


Even if efforts are made to improve productivity and secure domestic human resources, even small and medium-sized businesses that are difficult to secure human resources will have a certain level of expertise and skills in order to respond to the increasing labor shortage. Mechanism for accepting foreigners

Activity content

Specific skill No.1
Engage in work that requires skills that require appropriate knowledge or experience in specific industrial fields based on employment contracts with public and private institutions in Japan.
Specific skill No.2
Engaged in work that requires skilled skills in specific industrial fields based on employment contracts with public and private institutions in Japan.


Japanese ability

A certain level of Japanese proficiency required for business is required for each specific industry sector, with the ability to speak daily conversation to some extent, and to the extent that it does not interfere with daily life.

Residence status examination for specific skills

Specific proficiency test information

Nursing care department

*Updated on November 10, 2020 Nursing Care Department Exam Schedule(pdf)

Automobile maintenance (Philippines)

*Updated on November 10, 2020 Automobile repair and maintenance field specified skills evaluation test(pdf)

Agriculture field

*Updated on November 10, 2020 Agricultural field specific skill evaluation test(pdf)

Restaurant Business test

Test period
Bangkok:It will be implemented from November 17, 2020(planned).

Food and beverage manufacturing industry

Construction field

Manufacturing test (Philippines)

Building cleaning Management skills evaluation test in Philippines

Fishery sector (fishery)

Food and beverage manufacturing industry 2nd test

Textbooks by department for specific skills

Construction field
Agriculture and livestock
Building cleaning field
Accommodation field
Restaurant business
Food production department
Fisheries sector
Nursing department
Aviation division